Thoughts on Healing


Thoughts on Healing

The word “healing” is derived from the same root as the word “whole.” No surprise there. I see healing as an endeavor to return ourselves to the wholeness and completeness of who we are. Healing serves as a shift and a movement towards that very entirety. Healing has many forms; it can work on many levels. It can be subtle; it can be dramatic. It can be a process, and it is, certainly, individual.

I often see us human being types as multi-faceted gemstones with light shining through a few of those facets. To me, healing is all about shining light through the many facets of self — and, in doing so, recognizing the light that we are. Thus, healing becomes part and parcel of the journey of consciousness.

Someone wise once wrote that unconditional acceptance leads to unconditional love and that, in turn, leads to healing. That makes sense to me.

Being Human

Illness, pain, trauma, and loss as well as self-doubt, self-hate, and paralysis by fear are common elements of the human experience. We frequently bump up against these uncomfortable places; they challenge and stretch us.

From my perspective, these very human happenings are opportunities for growth and further soul development. These prickly places serve as portals of initiation and push us along the path towards wholeness.

These portals can teach us valuable lessons such as trust, surrender, compassion, and forgiveness. They can move us to larger platforms upon which to do our work; they can catapult us into new experiences that call for courage and expand our capacities. They can open the door for new people and new relationships, which, in turn, can be tests of our patience, open-heartedness, and ability to detach. These portals take us one step closer to remembering who we are and the mastery within.

Looking for a Hand

I do not believe there are ever missteps. Whether we make choices out of fear or faith, convenience or ignorance, everything — and I mean everything — leads us further along our respective path.

It can be difficult to negotiate these challenges and experiences. We can become overwhelmed. We can also become fearful, stuck, and unable to take the next step. A part of our being can, consciously or unconsciously, be resistant to change. It’s understandable, and, I think, part of the process.

We can become easily focused on others, or we can forget the big picture and spend weeks on secondary minutiae. We can become depressed, lethargic, and apathetic. Our maladaptive coping mechanisms can become front and center. Meaning and purpose are lost. Life is fairly miserable. We no longer have faith in ourselves.

You may need a hand:

  • to remind you that you are not alone;
  • to help pull you up and out of the quagmire of paralyzing stuckness;
  • to guide you on your soul path;
  • to assist you in reading the signs and symbols;
  • to help you see the bigger picture;
  • to identify what you carry in your cosmic backpack;
  • to wake you up, challenge you, and remind you who you really are.