“Adele’s energy and guidance have been magical in my life.”  Loretta in Connecticut

”I have known Adele for 18 years, and during that time, we have done some work together at her Greenheart Center and consultation on case studies. I myself, and my family, have also used her services in psychology and healing. Adele combines her excellent psychotherapy skills with intuitive healing to help others.

I have always found her compassionate and accurate in her findings. As a qigong healer/psychotherapist myself, I trust her implicitly and can only give her my highest recommendation.”  Gayook, Los Angeles, CA

“Through her powerful energy work; and with uncanny sensitivity, wisdom, and compassion, Adele is able to reach the very core of a lost place in need of healing and to touch it with a strength of spirit and valor of soul that resonates gentle yet indelible change. Her work of heart and love restored my own.”  N. Yehuda, MSC SLP TSHH, New York, NY,USA

“Adele’s shamanic education has allowed us [her apprentices] not only to be fully in the present of the new awakening, but to feel it like a surfer who sits atop of the wave and has a clear sense of the power that it embodies. It may well be the most significant thing I have done with my life.”  Nick S., Stamford, Connecticut

“The workshop I attended with Adele McDowell enabled me to access information which was blocking my progress on my spiritual unfoldment. I feel much more connected spiritually and psychically since doing the process with her. I would recommend her work to anyone seriously wishing to understand themselves and their purpose in life.”  Cathryn G., Dorset, UK

“I could say many things about Adele’s integrity, professionalism, and insight. But what speaks to me the loudest is her humor. Her humor invites compassion, acceptance and love, while modeling the important reminder to have a fun and joyful relationship with the spirit work. This, in and of itself, is healing.”  Audrey V., LCSW, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

“Adele and her helping spirit were right on, not only bringing to light and into words the key thing that would be my next step, but also giving some down-to-earth advice on how to make that happen.”  Kat, NY/FL/Greece