A Global Perspective on Friendship and Happiness 

Editors,Tim Delaney and Tim Madigan
Vernon Press, Series in Sociology, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-62273-376-7
“The Eleven Elements of Happiness”

“grace and acceptance”

Anatomy of living with domestic abuse and recovering 

David P Holmes,
Independent Publisher, 2017 e-book
ISBN: 152125141X
“Professional Conclusions”

The Sacred Shift: Co-Creating Your Future in the New Renaissance

ISBN: 978-0-9822054–8–8
Editor, Hunt Henion
Shift Awareness Books, 2012
“Show and Share Your Light”
“Who Hit the Fast Forward Button?”
“Singing the Mother Earth Blues” 

Adventures  in Manifesting: Love and Oneness

Editors: Sarah Prout and Sean Patrick Simpson
Ålska Publishing, 2012
ASIN: B00A3T86NG e-book
“The Geometry of Love” 

2012: Creating Your Own Shift

Editor, Hunt Henion
Shift Awareness Books, 2011
ISBN 978–0–9822054–6 –4
“Packing Your Cosmic Backpack for the Big Shift”
“Mental Health Needs a Booster Shot”