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“Dr Adele McDowell combines a solid professional reputation with a delightful personality. She has a brilliant sense of humor and illustrates her points with powerful and often funny stories. Dr. Adele will entertain and inform your listeners in a way that leaves them wanting more!”

◊ Julie Rahm, host of The Mindset Mechanic Show on FM107.1 WTKF/AM1240 WJNC.

“Thank you Adele, you have a very friendly, informed presence on the air.”

◊ Bob Cudmore, host of The Bob Cudmore Morning Show, Lite 104.7/1570 AM WVTL, Amsterdam, NY

Adele Ryan McDowell does “Living With Hope” The Trudy Thomas Show From September 12, 2011



Adele with Doreen Agostino , “Align, Shine and Prosper”


Align-Shine-Prosper-Doreen-Agostino- July-6-2011.mp3     

Awake: Now what? with Rev. Rhonda March 27, 2011revrhonda

Rev Rhondashow.mp3     

drroseDr.Robert Rose – Rewiring Your Brain